Aamir Khan flooded with queries on IVF surrogacy


Mon,26 Mar 2012

Amir Khan and KiranRao’s seven-day-old baby boy born through IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) surrogacy, comes as a blessing for not only the celeb couple but also a large number of couples facing difficulty in conceiving.
The couple is also getting a thumbs up from the film fraternity. “By not hiding the fact that they have used a surrogate, Aamir becomes a role model. It will make people think that if Aamir can do it, so can we,” Experts are also hopeful that this will help shed some myths around the procedure. “Unlike traditional surrogacy, in IVF surrogacy the child has no genetic contribution from the surrogate. Aamir’s case has helped explain that clearly,” says Dr Rita Bakshi.


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