Surrogacy-Baby Boy- Benjamin
(They are the last Gay Couple for Surrogacy since the laws have changed in India)

We decided to become parents- looked for adoption / surrogacy. We knew a Couple who had twins and pointed out this to us and thus started looking for more information and agency. As adoption is a very lengthy process in U.S. It would have taken a longer time. Surrogacy Abroad is already linked with Dr. Rita Bakshi and made it easy for us to look for her. We looked at Website and called her. They were very attentive and easy to understand. Yes we had fears in mind-whether it will fail. We knew another couple who tried Surrogacy many times but failed. Dr. Rita explained the process and she is very knowledgeable. We trusted Dr. Rita as she is different from others. We got all the documents signed & send it back.

We were trying to figure out the timing & process. Until the birth time it was just pictures / emails / scans and when we actually saw the baby it was real; had tears in our eyes. Cann’t even imagine that we got the baby and it happened all through e-mails / phone. Its lovely- we use to sit atleast for 10-15 min after our work to check e-mails and wait for the news.

Saying thanks to Dr. Rita would be less. We are very lucky & fortunate to be linked with her clinic. Its miracle for us. India is very different. Everything went smoothly & amazingly and would always recommend.


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