(Baby Girl-Shamyida Surrogate-Mukta)
In 2011 December we found about Surrogacy. We thought about adoption also but the protocol for this was so big that we withdraw. We knew the couple in U.S. who had done the process with Dr. Rita. As we had bad experience with one of the Doctors in Delhi (won’t name) in Surrogacy. We were very conscious in choosing the Doctor this time. After this bad experience we thought of coming to India in person and give Fresh Samples. Our previous experience with other Dr. was of 4 negative results and 1 positive result which also turned into negative. We were very sad with the results but had no options.

Dr. Rita made our dream come true. We searched on internet about IFC and Crystal (who is already linked with IFC ) told us about Dr. Rita. We researched and decided to go for Dr. Rita. She made us feel that this time its going to work for us. Our confidence was increased and while back at home; we felt being in good hands. I trusted Dr. Rita Bakshi.

The response was perfectly well. They kept us in knowledge of all the news of surrogate & baby. We got the news of surrogate being positive with twins. But somehow miscarried and left with single baby. We were happy and nervous too. Thinking about it and praying-just make it happen as it 4-5 months now. I hided from others as wanted the confirmation this time. We were very nervous, but as 6-7 months came- it was flying like anything. We received all the detailed information about the surrogate & baby’s health. We literally jumped and hugged each other hearing the good news.

As the delivery date came near we started making Air-travel arrangements. We went crazy the night we landed and got the news about our beautiful baby girl. The nanny is going to be my mother. I was very emotional when I saw her for the first time. Words cann’t expresse the feelings. Its dream come true. I spoke with her couple of times-she is very knowledgeable. She gave us the beautiful baby, very wonderful doctor and am going to recommend others to come here as she will make it happen.


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