Acquire parenthood when you desire, Read How?

Acquire parenthood when you desire, Read How?

In this cut-throat competition, every individual wants to settle into their life after attaining successful career. Due to lapse of time, people lose their ability of fertility due to ageing, chemotherapy or some other clinical factors. But with cryopreservation couples can attain parenthood as this is a technique of systematic freezing and storage of eggs, sperms or embryos to preserve cells for later time. This technique helps in embryo transfer during an infertility treatment cycle with the availability of frozen embryos.

Procedures of Cryopreservation at International Fertility Centre

Egg freezing: – If a female decides to freeze her eggs to preserve fertility to have a baby later. Eggs are kept at freezing temperature and stored to maintain the viability. This process involves egg retrieval used for IVF treatment.

Sperm freezing: –If a male has decided for sperm freezing, then he may provide the semen sample by masturbation, if sperm is not of good quality, then surgery is done to collect the sperm.

Embryo Freezing: –Embryo freezing process resembles with egg freezing. In a special substance, embryos are placed which replaces water in their cells. It protects the embryos from ice crystals then it is frozen, either by slow cooling or fast freezing i.e. vitrification. It is stored in tanks of liquid nitrogen until its use.

Hormones are used to stimulate the progressive growth of multiple eggs at International fertility centre for treatment of infertility. When embryos are many in number and of best quality are cryopreserved i.e. frozen to be used in a future date.

Advantages of cryopreservation at International Fertility Centre

  • Biological materials can be preserved for a longer duration.
  • Sperm, embryos, gametes, tissues, bone marrow, organ can be preserved.
  • Helpful for persons who are going for chemotherapy, not planning for children for a certain period.

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