LIT Therapy

LIT or Lymphocyte Immunization Therapy is a type of active immune therapy which is used in the case of women experiencing multiple miscarriages or repeated IVF failures. Generally these miscarriages or failures are caused by immunological problems. To overcome these failures and increase the success rate this therapy is performed.

Lymphocyte Immunization Therapy: The Process

During the Lymphocyte Immunization Therapy white blood cells called lymphocytes are collected from the male partner and are injected into the skin of female partner. It helps to sensitize the woman’s body to the husband cells, so that later on when the embryo is implanted it doesn’t get rejected due to the prior sensitivity of the body. The objective of the process is to prepare the maternal immune system for pregnancy to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy.

Who are the candidates for Lymphocyte Immunization Therapy:

Women who are facing repeated miscarriages or multiple IVF failures due to immunological causes can be benefitted by this procedure.


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How we detect the immunological causes of Embryo Rejection:

To detect if there are any immunological factors which are causing the embryo rejection in the intended mother some tests are carried out.

These tests are:

  • NK Cells
  • TH 1 Cytokines
  • TNF-Alpha

A rise in any of these factors indicates that the success rate of the embryo implantation will be fairly poor. To avoid the implantation failure because of these factors, we try to suppress the raised factor using LIT therapy before planning the IVF cycle.

At IFC LIT process is performed by the specialist doctors in the supervision of Dr. Rita Bakshi using all the latest tools and technologies ensuring a safest approach.

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