Become A Surrogate Mother

Becoming a surrogate mother is a commitment with a process that has several requirements. Most of the following health requirements and surrogacy issues are not set in stone, and must be examined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the intended parents, the clinic, and the surrogate.

Guidelines for choosing Surrogates

Prior Birth : This is the single most important of the health requirements for surrogacy: a candidate for surrogate pregnancy must have given birth to at least one child, either vaginally or by c-section. The surrogate must have given birth before and must prove that she is able to carry a child. A woman who has given birth prior to the surrogacy has children of her own to go home to.

Health : The surrogate should be medically, physically and psychologically fit. A healthy surrogate is always wanted with no history of pregnancy related complications such as premature birth, multiple miscarriages and Pre-eclampsia, Ectopic pregnancy. Surrogate should also be free of STD [sexually transmitted disease. She should not be taking any medication that can pass onto the baby.

Age : Age requirement vary on case basis but a surrogate must be between 21 – 40 years.

Legal Requirement : An attorney is required to check for the criminal background and for the surrogacy contract.

Surrogate Mother’s Contract

  • Surrogate candidate completes an application, submits photographs of herself and her children and completes a criminal background check.
  • Surrogate candidate consents to and provides complete address and identity proof of herself and her spouse.
  • Surrogate candidate provides information of medical and surgical records for pregnancy and delivery of all children carried and delivered by her.
  • Husband/partner of surrogate consents to the contract and supports surrogate’s decision.
  • Surrogate candidate undergoes psychological evaluation.
  • Surrogate candidate undergoes medical examination and blood test for certain infectious diseases.
  • Surrogate and her husband, sign the contract.
  • Surrogate and her husband will relinquish all parental rights within 24 hours of the birth to aid intended parents in legalizing their relationship with the child and will sign any additional documents required for issuance of a birth certificate for the child in the name of the intended parents.
  • Surrogate and husband agree not to have a parental relationship with any child born.
  • Intended parents assume all legal, financial, and parental responsibilities for the child.
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