Egg Donor FAQs

Is choosing an appropriate egg donor a complicated process ?

Egg donation is a highly successful fertility treatment for those couples where the female partner has premature menopause, poor egg quantity or quality due to advanced female age, or other genetic or egg related problems. However, even with the high success rates, sometimes it is very difficult for a woman to cope with the fact that her genetic material will not be present in her child.

What should I look for in my egg donor ?

Whatever floats your boat. Beautiful, smart, green eyes, tall, Italian, Catholic, a woman shows great motivation by going to college full-time and working part-time, a woman who has donated her eggs 4 times previously at our clinic and all 4 cycles resulted in successful pregnancies, an athletic woman, an artistic woman, or maybe just a woman who looks a lot like you.

What are the important qualities for a Donor ?

The following is a list of important qualities to look for in a potential egg donor. Ideally, egg donors should :

  • Be between the ages of 21 and 30 (Donors younger than 21 may not be emotionally mature; donors older than 30 are not at peak fertility) and exhibit maturity, responsibility, and dependability
  • Be in good physical health as documented by history and testing
  • Be in good psychological health as documented by history and testing
  • Be of proportionate height and weight [being overweight may affect egg quality, as well as necessitate higher doses of stimulation drugs to create follicles, which translates to additional costs for the recipient/intended parent(s)]
  • Be drug free
  • Be a non-smoker of tobacco and marijuana
  • Have regular menstrual periods and not use Depo-Provera
  • Have an Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) level on cycle day three of no more than eight, preferably under six
  • Have an Estradiol (E2) level on cycle day three of less than 50
  • Have an Antral follicle count* of at least 15

How can we help couples needing egg donation?

  • We have been we have had an active egg donor list with available donors
  • We have some of the highest donor eggs success rates in the world
  • We are conveniently located in Delhi NCR near major airports and highways
  • We can provide egg donors and do the IVF and embryo transfer services
  • Our egg donor list shows previous outcome information

What does the Donor Egg IVF procedure involve ?

Donor egg recipients are asked to select one or more egg donors whom they find suitable. One of the selected egg donors will be offered to a recipient couple upon availability of the egg donor and the completion of all screening. The choice of egg donor is always made by the donor egg recipient.

An IFC, Delhi donor egg coordinator will coordinate the cycles of the egg donor and recipient to accomplish a fresh embryo transfer. Synchronization of cycles includes using a series of medications to facilitate a hospitable uterine environment for transfer of embryos. Viable eggs produced in a single donor cycle are inseminated, and all embryos created belong to the recipient couple. If there are embryos in excess of the number for safe transfer, cryopreservation of additional embryos is available and is strongly recommended. Cryopreserved embryos can be used for subsequent attempts at pregnancy whether or not the fresh transfer is successful, and still produce high rates of success.

How does IFC screen its donor candidates ?

All candidates are then interviewed & clinically tested, in person. We conduct basic background checks to make sure that each donor’s identity number is valid, that it corresponds to the date of birth provided, and that no criminal records associated with the candidate have been filed.

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