Surrogate Mothers in India

Screening Criteria for Surrogates

We prefer to recruit young surrogate mothers in India in the age group of 21-35. They may be married, widowed or divorced. Legal proof of their marital status is ensured.

Medical and Psychological Screening

Our Surrogates mothers in India are screened for any medical or health problems. A detailed history is taken for medical illnesses, past pregnancies, ease of normal or cesarean delivery, health of children born and previous attempts at surrogacy. We also subject them to a complete cardiologist screen with 2-D echocardiography to avoid unpleasant surprises during the pregnancy.

Once they are certified fit by the cardiologist they are subjected to the complete pathology work up including : Hemoglobin, sugar, clotting profile, HIV, Hepatitis B and C, VDRL for syphilis, Hb electrophoresis for thalassemia and other special tests if requested by the couple. This is followed by a social and home screen (surprise visits by our social worker) to rule out homes which are unhygienic, signs of physical or domestic violence, alcoholism in the husband, etc. Also, detailed evaluation is done for alcohol, drug or nicotine abuse. Only after all the above criteria are fulfilled the surrogate is placed on a waiting list. All costs of surrogate mother are being provided by the intended parents and fertility clinics help the former in assisting medically. Surrogate mother cost plays an important role in the entire surrogacy program.

How IFC help surrogates

The clinic provides a comprehensive package for care of the surrogate mother during the tenure of the pregnancy and one month after delivery to ensure that all precautions and measures are in place for optimal safety of both the surrogate mother and the baby in equal priority. All medical check-ups, ultrasounds, admissions, delivery are monitored by an agency member who is totally dedicated to third party reproduction with help from her competent team members. We provide the following options for stay :

  • At her own home if patient and clinic is satisfied with the cleanliness and hygiene
  • At a surrogacy home if desired by patient (not recommended by clinic)
  • At a nursing home – one in western and one in central suburbs – as a superior option as patient can be admitted for the latter and crucial part of the pregnancy with complete and intensive monitoring of pregnancy, mother and child welfare
  • At the patient’s home – if they should so desire

At IFC we have a large databank of surrogates through references and make them available to you. In fact you have options to choose from as per your choice.

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