Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

ICSI Treatment in Delhi

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is an advanced form of in vitro fertilization procedure that helps to treat sperm-related issues. Male infertility is much complex than the female one and there are various parameters that need to be looked into. That is why, ICSI treatment has helped for so many couples that help a successful fertilization to occur. In ICSI treatment procedure, a single sperm is directly injected into an egg.

Our doctors use special tools and equipment to perform activities like picking up the best sperms and inserting them in the egg. Both activities are very critical, delicate and complicated. The sperms are injected to the core of the eggs and the process requires very high precision and perfection. We have an average ICSI success rate of 60% compared to 45% ICSI success rates globally.

Who are the best candidates for ICSI Treatment?

ICSI treatment is recommended when the male partner has very low sperm count, poor morphology or poor motility. For those with previous attempts of IVF, ICSI treatment is also recommended by the doctors.

ICSI: The modus operandi

We hold the matured eggs using a special pipette. It is designed to hold the eggs in a better and organized manner. A sharp and delicate hollow needle is used to pick up a single sperm in immobilized state. The needle with sperm is injected to the shell of the female egg called as Zona. The sperm is injected in the inner part of the eggs called as cytoplasm. This is centre of the egg. The eggs are monitored next day to ensure normal fertilization.

ICSI: The success story

You need to understand that there are two aspects of success when we think about ICSI treatment. The first one is known as fertilization rate and the other one is known as pregnancy success rate. In case of fertilization rate, we consider the process of fertilization. There are around 70 to 80 percent cases where fertilization happens after the ICSI process. The rate is significantly high on any parameter.

Pregnancy success rate is the rate of a successful pregnancy until the childbirth. IVF using ICSI method is more successful as compared to IVF using the other methods. The reason is simple, in case of ICSI, the woman is more fertile, the age is relatively less, the overall health and fitness is better and the average quality and quantity of eggs is better. Success rate is obviously higher because of these reasons. However, there are some cases of unexplained infertility that lowers the chances of successful pregnancy using ICSI.

There are some cases when IVF through ICSI will be used in low ovarian reserve situation. This is a case where there are very smaller numbers of eggs produced in the ovaries. Sometimes the quality is very low and sometimes both factors are there. It is very obvious that pregnancy success rate is much lower in such cases the embryos will also be of less quality and the chances of successful plantation are extremely low. We have to use specialized techniques like assisted hatching to ensure better.

ICSI cost in India is affordable for childless couples who come down to India to seek assisted reproductive services at fertility clinics.

ICSI Services at IFC

The team at International Fertility Centre recommends ICSI procedure to couples when the male partner has zero or low sperm count, abnormally shaped sperm, or having poor motility. All our senior embryologists are highly trained in ICSI and in fact perform ICSI on 80% of all IVF cases since our ICSI fertilization rates are higher than standard IVF.

If you have failed ICSI in the past, our skilled embryologists can use advanced technology to increase your chance of getting pregnant. We also employ techniques such as IMSI, TESE/PESA where needed. It is important that you seek help and share your case so that we can help you with the ICSI treatment in the best possible manner. Please fill the form below or call us at +91 – 95555 44421 / 22 / 23 to schedule a free fertility consultation with us.

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