Intended Parents

Advantages to Intended Parents

Our IVF and surrogacy department is well equipped with world class infrastructure and expertise to ensure maximum success rate. However, the success of the individual depends on the age of the patients and a number of other factors.

There are certain procedures that need to follow in order to avail the treatment. It is absolutely mandatory for them to submit the certificates that ensure surrogacy treatment.

While fighting for Infertility, people go under lot of stress, pain. They keep on taking Long breaks. In Other part of the world IVF and Surrogacy are very costly and so they also have very less option.

International Fertility Centre, a leading fertility centre is located in the heart in the capital of India, New Delhi well connected with all the facilities.

  • All services under one roof
  • Advice and assistance for accommodations
  • Our Pool for surrogates for couples and single parents
  • Provide customized solution as per your time and availability

Surrogacy Scenario in other countries

As a common experience for couples, many aspects impede surrogacy in your native country. Obviously, complexity of law and ambiguous interpretations make it extremely complicated there, and hence keeps many couples away from the delight of parenthood. Consequently, you are tempted to explore overseas market, and India is the best alternate in that respect :

  • Surrogacy law is quite accommodating here
  • Cost of surrogacy is less expensive (almost one-fifth) compared to other countries
  • Advanced medication and expertise is handily available
  • Should you take up surrogacy at a centre like International Fertility Centre (IFC), you can additionally rest assure to be handled by proficient doctors and flawless process

Cost of Surrogacy in the Indian perspective

Surrogacy cost in other countries is exceptionally high and almost unapproachable. This cost varies for different clinics. Broadly looking, it ranges anywhere 50000 to 80000 USD which is an exorbitant sum any day. Even your insurance provider would reimburse only a portion of it.

Take the option of surrogacy in India and you will see it is unbelievably cheaper. Cost of surrogacy in India is not beyond 20000 to 25000 USD and it involves all the overheads. The low cost for surrogacy is due to state-of-the-art medical facilities which come at very low rates. Moreover, compensation for surrogates is very affordable in India compared to other countries. This significant difference in surrogacy expenditure makes India a highly lucrative option.

Gestational surrogacy is relatively less complex, but there are some obvious bottlenecks. Most other international clinics will ask couples to come up with a preconception agreement with their surrogate lady in view of the surrogacy process and handover of the baby. Even yet, clauses in Assisted Human Reproduction Act of other countries are ambiguous and can be a hurdle.

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