Intended Parents FAQs

Why should I use International Fertility Centre ?

International Fertility Centre understand all aspects of the surrogacy process and can help Intended Parents navigate this complex process with the objective of fostering and facilitating a positive relationship between the Intended Parent(s) and the Surrogate at all times.

Does IFC work with international clients ?

Yes. IFC’s hands-on personal approach is well suited for Intended Parents from countries outside India across the World. If the Intended Parent(s) cannot travel to an important appointment or procedure, International Fertility Centre, Delhi will accompany the Surrogate and/or Egg Donor to the appointment.

What special surrogacy services do you provide ?

We match intended parents with the right surrogate mother for them. Using the details you submit in your profile and from discussions we have with you, we locate a surrogate mother who has the same views as you do. There are some very specific aspects of surrogacy which need to be agreed upon before we even tell you about a prospective surrogate mother. For example if you want three embryos to be transferred at the time of transfer there is no point in matching you with a surrogate mother who will only agree to having one embryo transferred.

Why choose gestational surrogacy over adoption ?

In the past adoption and/or childlessness were the only options for infertility. Now surrogacy is the alternative to adoption and/or childlessness. Many couples choose gestational surrogacy so that they can have a baby that is genetically related to one or both of them.

How long does it take to be matched with a Surrogate ?

It usually takes from 3-6 months. This timing is highly dependent on what specific criteria you request in a Surrogate. If you are willing to be flexible on location, race, etc., the timeframe will usually be shorter. If you are very specific in your requirements the timeframe will likely be longer.

Why would I want to use IFC to find an Egg Donor ?

Some Intended Parents have very specific requirements for their egg donors. In addition, if you wish to meet the Egg Donor instead of choosing from a pool of anonymous donors, you would have to work either with IFC or a separate Donor Egg Agency that does “known donor” matches. In such cases, IFC can conduct a customized search for an Egg Donor matching the Intended Parents’ preferences.

How can I be sure the Surrogate is trustworthy and medically fit for surrogacy ?

It is difficult for an Intended Parent (or Intended Parents) to ensure that the Surrogate is providing all the information needed to make an informed decision about whom to choose.

IFC Delhi requires seven (7) levels of lifestyle and medical screening for its Surrogates :

  • Web-based initial screening of lifestyle and health issues
  • Phone or Skype interview conducted by an FFS representative, concentrating on in-depth lifestyle and health questions
  • A written application including medical records from all previous pregnancies, and character references
  • An extensive background check of the surrogate and her partner, including: FBI, Child Protective Services, and state police records checks in any state where the surrogate and her partner have lived for the last 10 years
  • An in-home interview with by Licensed Clinical Worker
  • A psychological screening and evaluation of the Surrogate and her partner
  • A thorough medical screening by the IVF clinic chosen by the Intended Parents
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