Can Menopausal Women Become Pregnant?

Can Menopausal Women Become Pregnant?

Menopause is said to be the end of reproductive age in women. However, now with the latest advancements in the medical field, it is possible for menopausal women to have a baby. The ability of menopausal women to bear a child surely lowers down but it is not impossible. A woman’s fertility is on its peak before her 30s. This is why, woman in their menopausal stage find it harder to become pregnant without medical help, primarily IVF with egg donor.

Below are a few tips to help menopausal women achieve a healthy pregnancy or successful IVF treatment.

  • Menopausal women must ensure that their body is healthy before trying to conceive. Daily dose of essential multivitamins, with huge amounts of calcium, vitamin D and folic acid is highly advisable.
  • Maintaining a healthy body weight becomes the need of the hour for menopausal women when prior to conception. A healthy diet full of nutrients and low calories and less saturated fats is best. A poor diet may cause obesity, which is a high risk factor in pregnancy or pregnancy through IVF in India.
  • Preconception counseling with your medical expert and following regular blood tests under the guidance of obstetricians and gynaecologists is recommended.
  • Confirm whether you are still ovulating with the help of follicle stimulating hormone or FSH test. If less number of eggs is seen, medications might be needed to promote ovarian stimulation followed by IVF treatment in India.
  • Consult an infertility specialist who might suggest you to opt for IVF in India combined with egg donor. You can also opt for pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) to detect any genetic abnormalities in embryos prior implantation.

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Closing Thoughts

At last, proper prenatal care is essential for women either pregnant naturally or through infertility treatment in India. We strongly urge every woman to adopt a healthy lifestyle, gain a healthy body weight and maintain proper personal care to make conception easier.

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