Differences between Natural IVF cycle and Conventional IVF Cycle

Differences between Natural IVF cycle and Conventional IVF Cycle

What Do You Mean By Natural IVF Treatment?

It refers to the IVF process where negligible or nil fertility-inducing drugs are used. In this method whole work is in accordance with women’s own natural cycle. The whole process is focused on the collection of the one follicle which is naturally selected by the women’s body. On the other hand, Conventional IVF method, high IVF stimulating drugs are used to shut the menstrual cycle for the growth of lots of follicles. IVF in India has now become very economical nowadays. Infertile couples are approaching fertility clinics without any hesitation.

The Debate on Quality Vs Quantity of the Egg

In order to enhance the success rate of the pregnancy or fertilization rate, the sole target of IVF is to collect as many as eggs possible. But the story of Natural IVF is focused mainly on the quality of the eggs. If you look at the normal cycle of the women the ovaries produce many follicles which have the capacity to get released. Many times 1 follicle becomes dominant which later turns into an egg which gets released further, where other follicles shrink back and die lastly.

Stimulating drugs do not create new follicles instead enhances the growth of the existing follicles preventing it from dying. Due to chromosomal abnormalities or aberration, there is always the problem of fertilization or implantation. For the patient who usually does not respond to the stimulating drugs, the higher dose of fertility drugs will not impact much on their body. It also affects the environment of the womb which is required for the implantation procedure.

Natural IVF Cycle Vs Conventional IVF

Time period of 4-6 weeks Time period of 2 weeks
Medications required for 4-5 weeks No fertility drugs needed
High number of eggs required 1-2 high quality eggs required
Process is quantity focused Process is quality focused
Not effective for women with low ovarian reserve Effective for even low ovarian reserve women

Infertility treatment in India is gaining its importance day by day due to its high success rate both in fertilization and pregnancy rates.

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