Freeze your biological clock for better future pregnancy chances

Freeze your biological clock for better future pregnancy  chances

Do you know why Egg Freezing is the right option for you? Let’s take a glance at what egg freezing process actually is. Egg freezing process basically means preserving your eggs through a minimally-invasive procedure where your eggs are aspirated, frozen at a very low temperature and stored for future use so that whenever you wish to become a mother in future, then your eggs can be put to use by fertilizing and transferring them into your uterus and stabilize your fertility chances. It is a fact that every woman is born with around 2 million eggs and during the reproductive age, the eggs gradually decline with every menstrual cycle. So this is where Egg freezing can be boon for you if you prefer late pregnancy.

International Fertility Centre, a premium network of IVF clinics in India, is associated with Seed ART Bank – an egg donor and surrogacy agency in India – which provides egg freezing services to potential clients who wish to freeze their eggs for late parenthood plans.

Egg freezing treatment India is an intricate process and it holds certain myths about the egg freezing process.

Who requires Egg Freezing?

  • Women who are ambitious and want to have late pregnancy
  • Women having an ongoing cancer treatment
  • Women diagnosed with genetic conditions of early menopause
  • Women following an IVF treatment

When is the best time to begin with egg freezing?

The best answer is the primary reproductive years when your fertility potential is at its peak. Women in 20s or 30s have best quality and quantity of eggs, which makes egg freezing an apt choice for them to preserve their fertility.

How many eggs can I freeze at once?

It is always best to get maximum possible eggs as all the eggs may not survive during the temperature fluctuations as a part of the egg freezing procedure. So you should aim for freezing the highest possible number of eggs to enhance your pregnancy chances with the help of healthiest and strongest eggs in future.

How will my eggs be stored?

After egg vitrification is done, your eggs will be kept for freezing in liquid nitrogen containers at a very low temperature in order to maintain the quality of your eggs for prolonged periods. During this process, you will be required to do paperwork to have a smooth egg transport process.

I am experiencing irregular menstruation period, will I be able to freeze my eggs?

A woman with abnormal menstruation may have high number of eggs due to the following reasons:

  • Good AMH (Anti-mullerian Hormone) production
  • Lack of ovulation
  • Good ovarian reserve

So if you are having abnormal menstruation cycles, then egg freezing can be considered.

How much an egg freezing process will cost me?

Egg freezing cost is inclusive of certain factors primarily the time factor – for how long you wish to keep your eggs frozen.

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