How Liver problems forecast fertility trouble

How Liver problems forecast fertility trouble

The liver is a vital organ to be considered when treating infertility cases. Problems to the liver can cause major damage to the healthy functioning of the human body. Liver function tests enable us to check whether the liver is functioning healthily. One of the main functions of the liver is in maintaining proteins that clot blood among other things. In the case of fertility, the liver helps in the regulation of hormones. Being also the main organ that keeps the body clean by processing blood, it is always a healthy idea to keep the liver functioning well. IVF clinics in India advice you to take care of your liver. The key to this is to ensure that the liver is not overburdened by our dietary needs.

The following steps will ensure that the liver stays healthy for longer periods of time:

  • Consume antioxidants- Simply put, antioxidants help the liver in cleaning up blood. The more antioxidants consumed, the easier the liver finds it to clean blood. Sources of antioxidants include green leafy vegetables, green tea, strawberries, citrus fruits, egg, red meat, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and artichoke. Furthermore, taking supplements for the purpose of a liver detox will put these good nutrients into your body, ensuring that you don’t fall behind if you aren’t eating the right foods. Many people choose to use supplements as a quick and easy option to make their body, and more importantly, their liver, feel good.
  • Fibrous foods- Foods and dishes yielding high natural fibre such oatmeal, barley and fruits such as pear and apple (with skin) are good for the liver. They help to remove old toxins and hormones rather than being recycled back into the liver.
  • Probiotic foods- There are two types of “biotic” food that are available. Basically, these are foods that include live cultured substances that help primarily in food digestion. These foodstuffs include within them two categories, probiotic and prebiotic. Probiotic are those foods that already contain live cultures that break down food in the stomach. Prebiotic foods act as promoters of probiotic or live culture substances. Examples for probiotic foods include yoghurt, some forms of cheese, and pickles. Prebiotic foods consist of banana, wheat bran, cooked onions as well as garlic. The other uses of probiotic foods include checking urinary tract infections. Since probiotic food keep ‘bad’ bacteria at bay by promoting ‘good’ bacteria, it acts as a check for many infections and diseases.

Supplements that contain the bacteria lactobacilli as well as the bifid are good examples of probiotic sources.

Other functions of the liver that are vital for fertility include the maintenance of estrogen levels. Any changes in these could cause infertility in a patient. They also promote the creation of proteins through the maintenance of amino acids. So a diet that is especially poor on proteins can have a detrimental effect on the liver. This can lead to damages on multiple levels. Our IVF in Delhi can assess the health of your fertility systems.

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