How To Find And Choose An Egg Donor

How To Find And Choose An Egg Donor

Choosing an egg donor is one of the hard decisions that you have to take. There are so many factors to consider what is important during the donor selection process. For some couples it a simple and straightforward process but can be complicated and difficult for others.

Egg donation which is considered one of the successful fertility treatments for those couples where the female partner has premature menopause, poor egg quantity or quality due to advanced female age, or other genetic or egg related problems. Despite good success rates, sometimes it becomes a complicated for a woman to face with the fact that genetic material will be absent in her child. Below are some of the important considerations when choosing an egg donor.

Decide yourself whether you want known or anonymous donor

For choosing the donor-the first decision you need to make whether you want a known egg donor or anonymous egg donor. A known donor can be your friend or a relative. Indian egg donors are always anonymous.

You can find an anonymous donor through egg donation agency or IVF clinic. The egg donation agency or IVF clinic helps you to provide the best donor from the egg donor database. Using an anonymous donor provides more confidentiality to the intended parents and a clearly defined relationship with the donor.

There are other factors that couples consider for choosing the best donor. Couples are looking for egg donors want to have some of the attributes as under:

  • Physical characteristics matching those of the female partner
  • Beauty
  • High IQ
  • Proven success with egg donation in the past
  • Evidence of determination and work ethic

Basic qualification of a donor

A donor should be between the ages of 19- 25, in good health, and free of tobacco for the donation cycle. At International Fertility Centre, we do a strict check for street drugs. Urine tests will confirm this during the initial physical exam by the fertility Physician. All of them are HIV and hepatitis negative.

Choosing your donor is a wonderful step in your journey to parenthood. International Fertility Centre or IFC takes a step ahead and moves you down the path to treatment and hopefully on to parenthood. Everyone has a different experience in choosing a donor; we hope this will guide you in the selection of your donor.

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