International Patients

We are one of the India’s leading providers of fertility treatment, and have expertise and proficiency to help patients from around the globe to overcome fertility issues and bless them with parenthood. At the forefront of IVF science, IFC’s IVF specialists, embryologists, nurses and support staff work in a coordinated manner and offer most advanced and effective procedures in the treatment plan to increases the chances of success.

Finding the Right Clinic

Choosing the right clinic for your treatment is one of the most significant decisions you will have to make on your fertility journey. That’s why we have come up with an international IVF program to minimize your time and effort and help you to start a journey at much ease. Even if our investigations suggest that your chances are low it is our policy never to deny you treatment.

Start a phone consultations with us, our program coordinator will assist with you throughout the entire journey. During the thorough phone conversation, we will record your medical history, and consider the results of available tests or request you to do more tests. The tests may include semen analysis, specific blood tests or ultrasound scans. After going through the evaluation, your fertility specialist will discuss about treatment options with IVF or ICSI. He can also suggest you to explore third party Assisted Reproductive Technologies such as egg donation or surrogacy as per the case.

If you decide to proceed with the proposed fertility treatment, we’ll send you some approval forms and a detailed timeline of your treatment cycle and medication.

Our program coordinators will be in touch with you regarding medications and transportation, availability of local doctors or nurses to inject the medicine and payment transactions.

You will need to apply for a medical Visa, when you are planning to travel to India. Our case manager would assist you with the invitation letters and other paperwork which might be required to be completed before arrival. We can also help you in our logistics including travel and accommodation arrangements.

International Patient Facilities at International Fertility Centre

  • International Patient Helpdesk
  • Dedicated Fertility Guides/Personalized Program managers
  • Consultation with IVF specialists/Obstetrics & Gynecologists
  • Diagnosis & Treatment Procedure Schedule
  • Follow-up consultations
  • Financial Information and Counseling
  • Medical Reports/Follow Up Documents
  • Assistance in Currency Exchange
  • Completing the procedure successfully
  • Travel Assistance
  • Take you back to airport

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