Methods to Minimize Swelling (Oedema) During Pregnancy

Methods to Minimize Swelling (Oedema) During Pregnancy

Oedema is very common disorder, and it happens to almost every woman during pregnancy. It is a capacity of excess water retention. This is visible in the form of swelling on the face and other parts such as, hands, wrist, ankles or feet.

How it happens During Pregnancy?

During the later months of pregnancy when child grows in your womb, there is a pressure exerted on the pelvis. This makes blood pressure slow and pushes the water down to the tissues of ankles and feet. In normal days, this water gets absorbed by your body. But during pregnancy this water gets retained and cause swelling.

How to cope up with Oedema During Pregnancy?

Oedema is considered normal during pregnancy, but creates problem when it increases in the later months of pregnancy. There are many methods suggested to overcome oedema swelling.

Physical exercises

Yoga is a wonderful technique to overcome oedema.

Pawanmukt Asana:

Pawanmukt asana series one is the best way to minimize the effects of oedema. It helps transportation of fluids and circulation of blood throughout the lymph and circulatory systems by squeezing water from the tissues.

Khandrasana or Matasya Asana

Khandrasana or matasya asana are very important asanas which help the kidney to expel excess water from the body.

Time of practicing pawanmukt asana:

  • It should be performed late in the afternoon or early in the evening.

Things you can do to reduce swelling during pregnancy:

  • Try to keep your legs upward while sitting or working at the office, it would be better for you to use footstools and or box to support your feet. It will help you to regulate the circulation.
  • Whenever you lie down try to sleep on the left side.
  • Avoid too long sitting and standing positions

Dietary control to minimize the oedema swelling:

  • Avoid too much salt intake; food with very little salt will be helpful during these days.

Include natural diuretics like:

  • Barley water
  • Tender coconut water
  • Rice kunji (boiled water juice)

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