Motivation Behind Gestational Surrogacy

Motivation Behind Gestational Surrogacy

A commercial surrogacy arrangement or commercial surrogacy refers to carrying the pregnancy in one’s womb by a female, for intended parents, registered on the facility. Intended parents may seek a surrogacy arrangement, when medical issues, make pregnancy either impossible, or pregnancy is considered far too risky, to the mother’s health. The pregnancy, in case of gestational surrogacy, results from the transfer of embryos.

The child-born from surrogacy, is, genetically unrelated to the surrogate. The present laws, acknowledges fee paid to surrogate on her services to bear pregnancy to full-term. Financial gain is the main motivation, for becoming a surrogate. Most surrogates come from a financially weaker section. The surrogacy, acts as a source of monetary benefit that takes care of needs & meeting family expenses and hold promise for most surrogates. The leased accommodation arrangement, Pre and post-natal medical treatment, in surrogacy turn as an added attraction for commercial surrogates.

The gestational surrogacy, unlike the traditional surrogacy, is considered a full-time commitment and surrogates rarely spend money they earn on themselves. Thus the motivation changes to earning for college and education fee of the children, home improvement expenses, gifts for the family members and so on. This also means that the surrogacy fee is utilized to clear-off family debts. The surrogacy fee acts as a buffer or as reward for the family members, sacrificing their time & involvement at surrogacy.

The Supreme Court has recognized the concept & usage of commercial surrogates in as early as year 2003. The present arrangements on commercial surrogacy are bound by Indian Contract Act and ICMR guidelines that apply to the surrogacy contracts.

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