How Much do You Know About Placenta Previa during Pregnancy?

How Much do You Know About Placenta Previa during Pregnancy?

Placenta normally lies in the upper side of the uterus. But when it lies in the lower side, it causes problem as it covers the cervix partially or some time completely. This may cause a separation of placenta from the wall of uterus as dilation occurs during labor.

How common this disorder is?

In the third trimester of pregnancy, placenta previa affects about one in two hundred women.

Placenta privia is more common if:

  • A woman has more than one child.
  • Gone through uterus surgery
  • Have twins or triplets

There are main three types of placenta privia.

Complete previa: When the opening of cervix is completely covered.

Partial previa: When placenta covers only a portion of cervix.

Marginal previa: When placenta get extended just to the edge of the cervix.

Sign and symptoms of placenta privia:

Symptoms of this disorder vary, but painless bleeding during third trimester is the most common symptom.


The definite cause of this disorder is unknown.However, the risk of placenta privia increases if:

  • Your age is more than 35
  • You had more than four pregnancies
  • You have a history of uterine surgery.


The treatment depends upon various factors:

If you have very little bleeding or no bleeding, doctor will suggest you a total bed rest, and ask to avoid sex. You need to visit to your doctor quickly if bleeding restarts or get heavier.

If you have heavy bleeding, you need to rest at hospital. And there is a need of blood transfusion to balance the blood loss. Medication would also help you to prevent premature labor.

If you are bleeding continuously, and it is hard to control, or your baby is suffering a lot. Then there is a need of C-section surgery. It is the surgical incision in the woman’s abdomen and uterus for the normal delivery of a baby.

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