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IFC is actively looking to partner with Nursing homes and IVF clinics to increase its footprint across India and enable partnering doctors to benefit from IFC’s experience in Infertility Treatment.

For Hospitals, Nursing Homes And Women Care Hospitals
IFC is looking to setup infertility treatment centers at Hospitals without an ART department. Associating with IFC will not only make you a part of one of the most reputed IVF chains in the country but also help you gain access to highly trained manpower and up-gradation of facilities. IFC will provide administrative support in the day-to-day running of the hospital as well as deploy its highly experienced sales and marketing team to boost your business.

For IVF Clinics

IFC endeavors to develop Infertility treatment in India and actively helps other IVF centers to improve their success rates and management practices. If you are an IVF center looking to better performance or a Hospital looking to start an IVF clinic in Delhi, IFC can help you with the following:

IFC Can Provide The Following Facilities:

  • Ovum pick up & embryo transfer
  • Embryologists and technical manpower support
  • Quality control protocols for IVF labs.
  • Surrogates
  • Ovum donors
  • Turnkey IVF lab. Design
  • Cryo-freezing facilities
  • Professional guidance and training in infertility treatment

With more than two decades of experience in Hospital and IVF clinic design, IFC’s team of professionals are a partner of choice for Hospitals and IVF chains across India.

We provide 100% Fertility Management Solutions

We are proud to be associated with the best fertility organizations of the world. We are proud to be a part of and members of all these organizations.


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