PCOS: A common problem leading to Female Infertility

PCOS: A common problem leading to Female Infertility

If you are trying to conceive for a long time and are still unable to do so, you may be the suffering from PCOS. This is a common problem that is faced by many women these days. They try to get pregnant and after multiple tries, consult a fertility expert who diagnoses them with the common problem of PCOS.

Ankita, a 34 year old woman faced the same problem. She came to see me a few days back for fertility consultation. She was trying to get pregnant for a long time but was unsuccessful and eventually landed up at our doorstep through a friend of hers who had gooten positive results through us. After a brief chat to understand her symptoms, few tests were performed and she was diagnosed with PCOS.

In such cases the person may lose hope, which can lead to severe depression. The first thing to understand is that PCOS is a hormonal disease and can affect anyone. A slight imbalance or malfunction of hormones and you can catch this condition. There is a wide range of symptoms, which show up in such a case, but they are not same for all women.

PCOS contributes to almost 40% towards female infertility but it doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve parenthood because of fertilization issues with the unhealthy eggs. Assisted reproductive techniques can help you get pregnant even in case of PCOS. However, not all women need such assistance but natural conception is difficult.

Since the problem is with fertilization, IVF is the best option for PCOS patients. The eggs are retrieved from the intended mother and are fertilized with the sperm samples in a laboratory. After successful fertilization the embryo is implanted into the mother’s womb, which if successful means that the couple is pregnant.

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