THE ROBINETTES (Mark, Lorena, and Baby Gabriel)

It’s been 5 yrs of our marriage. After 4 yrs of our marriage I went through IVF and several fertility treatments but none successful. We thought about Adoption also. During this time heard about Surrogacy Abroad ( Agency in USA) which is also linked with International Fertility Centre and thus got connected to Dr. Rita Bakshi.

The journey before was long, and often times met with failure. However, when we learned about IFC and the successes we read about, we decided to try this route. It was definitely a new thing but we researched over different reviews / blogs on Surrogacy. Surrogacy success was very high. We wanted to be parents since long and decided for Surrogacy. After a lot of research /feedback, and on our friends recommendation and stories on Surrogacy felt comfortable with IFC.

Surrogacy is easy once you know about the process. We were so excited when our Surrogate got pregnant at one go. It’s amazing and exciting. We had tried in other countries also but were not happy. 9-10 months is long time anything could happen during it. But we had faith in God. Our only hesitation was that we were doing this process in India as it’s far from U.S. But it was worth that we came to this side of the world.

When we learned that our surrogate mother, Anita, was pregnant on the first try, we felt a great sense of relief. Even though we were half a world away, we felt connected through the updates on the surrogate mother and baby, and the ultrasounds to see our baby’s progress.

We kept constant contact about the surrogate’s health. When it was getting close to our baby’s due date, we planned our trip accordingly. Little did we know how “impatient” our baby would be (taking after his father apparently), as he was ready to come into this world. Lorena was in mid-flight and had no idea that he was born, and Mark learned the first thing in the morning when he arrived at work. When he saw the picture of his baby boy, he recognized him immediately and was overcome with emotion. The same happened with Lorena when she saw the baby for the first time in person. The journey was finally at an end, and a new journey was just beginning. The baby has changed our life. We are very grateful to the Surrogate / Clinic / and the doctors and feel blessed. We had saved lot of money to come to India for the Surrogacy.

No words can express the feeling of my holding the baby and the best part is he looks like my husband.IFC is Professional, Reliable, Incredible and it’s success is high. We are more grateful to Dr Rita. She has given a miracle to us. When it was getting close to our baby’s due date, we planned our trip accordingly.

We would also like to say thanks to the Surrogate who has given so much and has sacrificed for her family. I was concerned as my baby was in hospital for 2 days- we thought he was ill- but was fine. They taught me how to look after the baby. I feel on top of the World. Our baby was 7 pounds –good weight. The first time we saw our son, both of us probably cried more than he did.

After spending time with baby Gabriel Alexander, we are seeing his personality already come out. He smiles a lot, and even laughed for the first time recently. We are excited to be his parents.

We also are extremely grateful to Dr. Rita and the staff here at IFC. We also recognize our surrogate mother Anita, whom we would like to meet in person to thank personally. We will keep you updated as Gabriel grows right along.


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