Signs of Pregnancy

Are there really early signs of pregnancy?

It is certainly a topic of debate. While some people strongly believe that the body sends clear signals about pregnancy, the biggest bliss of the life. At the same time, some people think that it is just a psychological game and there are no clear symptoms unless there is a certain degree of maturity in the conception. However, it is a matter of joy and excitement and a woman would feel proud to be pregnant. It is the moment of creation and recreation and couples want to celebrate it with a big bash as soon as the signs get detected.

Keeping an eye closely towards the physical and emotional changes after a few repeated attempts of intercourse would surely indicate about pregnancy. It is a fact that signs of pregnancy are never common for two women. However, a few very prominent ones will indicate about it with a high probability of success.

Missed period: It is one of the biggest indicators, especially for the women that have extremely regular menstrual cycle. If the period is delayed by three to four days and there is a history of even a single intercourse after the last periods, then there are very high chances of pregnancy. This is a proven factor that has been considered reliable from ages.

Morning sickness: It is another common symptom that has been associated with pregnancy from ages. Statistically maximum women get affected from morning sickness during the first few days of conception. Sometimes it gets mistaken with indigestion or other stomach disorders, but if a morning sickness persisted for a few days without any known indication of stomach upset, then it is a clear sign of pregnancy. The drawback about this symptom is, it has to be monitored for a few days to derive a concrete conclusion. Although it is called morning sickness, but it can occur any time in a day. The flow of Estrogen, the hormone responsible for the conception and development of the baby, increases in the body resulting in nausea and vomiting sensation. Sometimes there is nausea about particular food like dairy products, eggs, meat or fried food.

Changes in the breasts: It is another prominent sign and can be noticed at the time of sleeping. There is an unusual tenderness, softness and swelling in the breasts. This is the indication of preparation of the breasts for milk. Also, there is a darkening of the nipples seen sometimes.

Cramps and pain in the lower tummy: This is a rare symptom, but sometimes women have it during early days of the pregnancy. There is very little bleeding also experienced in some cases. It indicates the implantation of the embryo to the uterus.

Feeling exhausted: This is one of the common symptoms during early period of pregnancy. Women feel exhausted and there are cramps in the limbs after little bit of exertion. This symptom comes due to change in the hormonal level.

These are the top symptoms that can alert a woman about the most important event of life. There are scientific methods are available with the doctors that can confirm about it with 100% accuracy. However, these early signs can at least raise the alarm!


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