Sunshine: A natural way to boost IVF success?

Sunshine: A natural way to boost IVF success?

Regular exposure to sunlight boosts your pregnancy chances by more than three times. By exposure to sunlight, we absorb Vitamin D which helps in the development of healthy bones. High amount of heat and direct exposure to sunlight boosts fertility treatment success rates by 35%.

Note that direct exposure to sunlight a month before conception helps in maturity of woman’s eggs by altering melatonin levels (the hormone involved in regulating a woman’s reproductive cycle). So now we are aware of the role of Vitamin D in pregnancy and how it supports your baby’s development.

Importance of Vitamin D in pregnancy

Vitamin D is important to have a healthy body. You should maintain the right levels of calcium in the body. For pregnant women, it helps in baby’s development, particularly in proper growth of the baby’s bones and teeth.

Deficiency of vitamin D during pregnancy may cause complications such as diabetes. This is why a Vitamin D blood test can be useful for women who are trying to conceive or are at the initial stages of pregnancy.

How does Vitamin D increase IVF success?

Women undergoing IVF treatment with enough amounts of Vitamin D are more likely to produce high-quality embryos, and are twice as likely to become pregnant. Women exposed to more sunshine before the start of their IVF cycle showed improved birth rates. However, a little bit of more research is required to determine the relationship between Vitamin D and IVF success rates. In case of men, a link between Vitamin D and sperm motility and functioning has been diagnosed.

What are the natural sources of Vitamin D?

As we told you the best sources of vitamin D come from natural sunlight; however, one should get exposure to sunlight in moderation to avoid skin cancer. Vitamin D is present in fatty fish and fish liver oils, eggs and a few milk products.

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