Tips to Avoid Miscarriage in First Pregnancy

Tips to Avoid Miscarriage in First Pregnancy

Are you expecting your first pregnancy? Are you worried about a miscarriage? Did you have a miscarriage before?

Firstly, calm down yourself. Do not stress much. You’re not alone, miscarriage occurs in most women during her first pregnancy. The chances of miscarriage during the first pregnancy are around 10-20 %. Miscarriages may usually occur due to genetic defects in couple. There is no definite way to prevent occurrence of miscarriages but if you follow simple lifestyle habits, it will help you gain a successful pregnancy. Below are few tips that will lower your chances of miscarriage.

  • Get regular screening done. Do regular visits to your doctor and get yourself evaluated for STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) such as syphilis, HIV, herpes and gonorrhea. If left undiagnosed, it may lead to miscarriage in pregnancy.
  • Avoid doing heavy duty exercise as it may build pressure on your abdominal area and also increase body temperate. It also reduces blood flow to the fetus. Also, it might cause back aches and make you feel more tired throughout the day.
  • Get yourself vaccinated properly. Discuss with your doctor regarding the vaccination plans and check whether you do not have missed any. If you missed any vaccination, get yourself vaccinated before planning to conceive.
  • Be careful of what you eat. Refrain from eating papaya, pineapple, peach, aloe vera, raw eggs and red meat.
  • Get yourself evaluated for chronic diseases such as thyroid disease, diabetes, epilepsy and lupus. Since women with these diseases are likely to experience miscarriages. Also, check for genetic for family history of clotting disorders and repeated pregnancy failures etc.
  • Cut down intake of caffeinated foods and drinks. Also, avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. Even smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol in moderation largely affects fetal growth and development.
  • Do not take stress and think positive. Practice stress relaxation activities. Spend quality time with your closed ones. Practice meditation for ten minutes every day to keep unwanted stress away.

Closing Thoughts

Miscarriage is an unfortunate moment for every couple. A couple waits for nine months to hold their baby in arms and do their best possible to have a positive pregnancy. In such a situation, if the female partner undergoes miscarriage, it affects the couple’s emotional and mental health both.

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