Unlimited IVF Plan

As you are all aware, IVF success rate is 40% worldwide. No one can offer you a guarantee that you will conceive in the first IVF cycle. Uncertainty of infertility treatment and results is a huge problem for patients. Moreover, patients become disheartened and lose their hopes when clinics are unable to produce the expected results even after multiple cycles. Most patients invest a lot of money undergoing cycles again and again and face emotional and financial barriers to keep trying. Keeping this in mind, we created the Unlimited IVF Plan.

What is Unlimited IVF Plan ?

In this plan, we offer you unlimited IVF trials until you achieve a positive pregnancy. It will also help you to reduce the stress and tension to the minimum by bringing you the real facts. That means you will be prepared to accept the fact that it takes more than one IVF cycle to make you conceive successfully. This real fact reduces the tension and makes you free from a tension packed life. The knowledge we learn from each cycle helps us to leverage the protocol to enhance the efficacy. As the cost for us increases with each cycle, we will make sure to go the extra mile with maximum effort to give you a positive result in the first cycle itself.

Cost of 3 IVF Cycle in One

Unlimited IVF Plan has a fixed cost of Rs. 3.5 lakhs. This amount covers 3 IVF cycles til you get pregnant. There are no hidden costs and everything is included- medicines, injections, doctors fees, freezing of embryos for all cycles. Hence, you are free from financial stress since you only need to pay this capped amount which is inclusive of everything. The only thing that you will need to pay extra is the donor fees in case you are using an egg donor.

Eligibility of Unlimited IVF Plan

This plan is only applicable for patients living and residing in India due to the frequent nature of it. There are no other restrictions on this plan. The plan expires once a positive pregnancy is achieved which is confirmed through a Beta HCG test.


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