Urinary Tract Infection, its Precautions and Cure

Urinary Tract Infection, its Precautions and Cure

Urinary tract Infection is an ascending infection of bacteria that starts from the wall of vagina, and then infects the urethra. From there, the bacterium goes upwards and infects the urinary bladder also.

Symptoms of UTI (Urinary tract Infection)

  • A burning sensation when you urinate
  • An intense urge to urinate, even though a very little urine comes out
  • Pain or heaviness in your back
  • Dark yellow urine and sometimes cloudy in colour
  • Strange smell in urine
  • Feeling tired or weak
  • Feel chills or fever if the infection reaches in your kidneys.

Preventive Measures


  • After using toilet, wipe it from front to back. Clean the area around the anus gently. Don’t use same tissue again and again.
  • Take a shower bath and avoid sitting in a tub, which may allow the bacteria to reach the opening area of bladder.
  • Avoiding long gap between urinating is extremely important. Try to make your bladder empty in every four hours.


Avoid tight fitting undergarments made up of non breathing materials. Such fabrics cause moisture and leads to maceration of the skin.


Drink lots of water, you may start with extra one glass of water after every meal. If the colour of urine is dark yellow, it means that there is a very less water intake. So to there is a need to increase the fluid intake.


Keep your body hydrated after performing physical exercises, frequently empty your bladder and drink as much as water you can.

After inter course empty the bladder and drink extra water. You may take urinary antibiotic if your physician suggests.

UTI Test and Treatment

UTI is tested by taking a small amount urine sample to check for bacteria before recommending antibiotics.

This infection is commonly treated by antibiotic medicines. So to get fully cured from UTI, it is very necessary to complete the full course of antibiotics. Doctors also recommend lots of water intake, which helps to flush-out the bacteria.

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