Prying for the Affordable Surrogacy Cost in India?

Prying for the Affordable Surrogacy Cost in India?

Are you in the dilemma of how much to spend on Surrogacy? Whether the amount stated by the surrogacy clinic is worth your financial spending or not? Busy day and nights in trying to find fertility clinic with low surrogacy cost in India? International Fertility Centre (IFC) is the highly recommended infertility center in India which offers the best affordable surrogacy packages to the intended parents.

International Fertility Centre and Surrogacy Cost

Surrogacy does costs lot of expenditure and is a financial heck for the intended parents. Surrogacy cost in India is comparatively lower than what is demanded in other countries. Surrogacy cost in International Fertility centre (IFC) is very reasonable and is designed in a way to cover all the surrogate’s needs, maintaining surrogate’s welfare and the child well-being. No compromise with the surrogate’s health is made in an attempt to save money and the main aim of IFC is to provide the best medication and environment to the surrogate and the baby-to-be-born.

International Fertility centre takes care of your money and is always keen to plant it in the best possible use to provide the desired outcome, that is, the healthy child and the surrogate. The surrogacy plan does not impose any hidden charges during the procedure and an ethical financial transparency is maintained between the intended parents, surrogate mother and the gynecologists at IFC.

Surrogacy cost at International Fertility Centre includes

  • Consultation with the gynecologists for the intended parents and helping in finding the suitable surrogate by medically and psychologically examining her and a thorough investigation of her medical history is carried out.
  • Forming an agreement requiring consent of both, the intended parents and the surrogate, to proceed further.
  • Providing medicinal fertility drugs to stimulate ovaries of the intended mother in order to produce more eggs.
  • Retrieving egg and selecting best fertile embryo for implantation into the uterus of a surrogate.
  • Complete care of surrogate is taken for the following nine months and any medical requirement is met by International Fertility Centre.
  • Delivering the baby and regular follow-ups with the intended parents after post delivery is maintained.

International Fertility Centre takes complete care of surrogates during pregnancy and provides them highly hygienic and cheerful environment.

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