4 Tips to Combat Morning Sickness during Pregnancy

4 Tips to Combat Morning Sickness during Pregnancy

At the starting phase of pregnancy most of the women go through a feeling of discomfort and nausea, and have vomiting stimulations especially in the morning time. This is a low feeling phase for every woman who is pregnant, and causes lethargy and dullness with appetite become week. This type of situation usually lasts for several months, but for some women it generally stops towards the end of the third month.

Certain changes in the day to day routine and in your diet, can help you get reduce its intensity. These changes are easily adaptable, and the pregnant women can easily incorporate it during the early stage of pregnancy. These changes are:

1-Dietary Changes: Switch to oil free and light food during this stage of pregnancy. Eat vegetables with less oil and spices on it. Avoid intake of oily food all the time, especially at night. Keeping adequate water intake will also play a pivotal role in these critical days.

2-Food Timings: One should maintain a specific time for food inkake during these days. Eat light food in a small quantity in the morning time, when you are actually feeling hungry, and take the night meals between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm. This would help you to digest the food properly and completely and also help to stimulate your appetite.

3-Stay Stress Free: As vomiting occurs frequently during these early days pregnancy; so it would be quite healthy for a mother- to – be to opt for ‘conscious vomiting’, it will not put harmful effect, as you don’t strain and remain relaxed. You may take assistance of meditation as it is very easy and rejuvenating process.

4-Yogic Practices: Taking help of yogic practices like “kunjal” would be very beneficial for women in the stage of pregnancy. Kunjal is process which make your stomach clean, where you drink lots of salt water which washes away the toxins form your stomach, and put a stop to nausea which is a common symptom of morning sickness.

Through incorporating these changes in your daily routine, you will assemble an abundant energy and positivity to start a day.

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