7 Myths About Trying to Conceive

7 Myths About Trying to Conceive

Couples who are trying and not being able to conceive is one of the greatest challenges they face in their lives. It can lead them into depression if conception myths and common misconception revolve around their minds about conception. Here we try to cut through your confusion about the common myths and realities relating to misconception.

1. Everyday sex makes pregnancy faster

Just because you are having everyday sex does not mean you will carry the pregnancy faster. The best thing your sex should coincide with ovulation-that help sperm travel towards the fallopian tubes which eventually makes your fertilization process successful.

2. You don’t have to worry about age

It is an established fact that fertility decreases with the increase in age. According to studies, the best age for woman trying to conceive is 21-30. For both men and women, age is a critical component of fertility potential. So, get married soon.

3. The positions during intercourse matters when trying to conceive

In order to achieve a goal for positive pregnancy it is important you are having intercourse when you ovulate, the best time for successful conception in your ovulation cycle.

4. Orgasm is important to get pregnant

The female orgasm is biologically unnecessary for conception to occur. But that does not mean it cannot help fertilization process. One of the studies done by British biologists found that women retained more seminal fluid when they had an orgasm anywhere from a minute to 45 minutes after a man’s ejaculation during copulation.

5. Ovulation Happens 14 Days after a Period

It is the most accurate way to predict fertility but it is not always that your ovulation happens on 14th day. For the most accurate prediction, you need to follow ‘fertile window’ i.e when your period begins and ends.

6. You will conceive more quickly if you have sex during the day

There is no clinical proof that having sex during the day increases you the chances of getting pregnant. However, some studies suggest sperm levels are somewhat higher in the morning.

7. Adopt a child, you will get pregnant

It is one of the oldest myths between couples about conception and continues to spread like wildfire even to this day. There is nothing as such adopting a child increases the chances of getting pregnant.

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