8 Ways to Relieve Pregnancy Back Pain

8 Ways to Relieve Pregnancy Back Pain

Back pain is a common occurrence during pregnancy. The developing fetus & baby-fat deposit at your abdominal region, forces a protruding belly-shape, resulting in unequal pressure at upper and lower end of backbone. The physiological action of ligament-loosening hormones Human Placental lactogen, Relaxin and Oxytocin , weight gain from sedentary life-style & a shifting center of gravity as a result of pregnancy-belly, adds up to manifestation as back pain.

Following precautions attempt to reduce the back-pain inherent in pregnancy process:

1). Seek specific medical advice from GP or your gynecologist along with regular counseling with physio-therapist. The step provides for precautions & restriction at the physical exertion, the limit of external load, you can safely pick or carry. Ensure not to carry excess load that your back-bone cannot hold onto in your daily house-hold or business activities. Seek advice or report severe pain or intense severe pain with rising intensity or sudden abrupt pain to your physician and physio-therapist coordination pregnancy.

2). Put a conscious effort to have a perfect posture. Avoid leaping forward to adjust to the centre of gravity of your body, during pregnancy. Do not sit or stand for long time duration. Follow alternate sitting or standing position at all times during pregnancy. Practice following gestures:

good posture during pregnancy

  1. Stand up in a straight line position of body.
  2. Have an expanded chest posture.
  3. The head part should have a perpendicular position resting at shoulders in a straight line position.
  4. Do not lock knees.

 3). Wear low heels footwear during the tenure of pregnancy. The step balances the body weight better, in comparison to high heels or flat heals foot-wear.

4). Have a side-posture, rather than lying at back while sleeping. Place a pillow to support the abdomen region while sleeping. Use a support pillow to support your lumber region at longer sitting positions. Use of support belt assists you in all situations during pregnancy.

back pain during pregnancy sleeping

5). Don’t push weights or attempt excess stretching exercises during pregnancy. Swimming during first trimester helps to gain strength and perfect posture and elevates mood from monotony. Spread your legs; pull weight with hands in a squant position, applying body weight on legs.

6). Have proper rest and sleep, especially during last trimester of pregnancy.

7). Consult doctor before taking pain medication.

8). Pull your back and spine, to extent that you can move without strenuous sensation.

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