Most Affordable Surrogacy Services in India

Most Affordable Surrogacy Services in India

Recent advancements in medical science have proved more of a boon for the infertile couples around the world. As infertility is increasingly becoming a common problem among men and women both, different assisted reproduction techniques like IVF, IUI, ICSI and Surrogacy Services etc. comes in handy to help them realize their parenthood dreams.

Surrogacy gives provides the chances of having a baby even in most unfavorable of the cases. In cases where the woman is not able to carry her pregnancy even then, she can be a mother with the help of a surrogate. Surrogate mother carries out the baby for 9 months and hand it over to you after the successful delivery. The whole arrangement is done with a surrogacy agency or a fertility clinic.

Affordable Surrogacy Services

India became the surrogacy hub for couples around the world taking medical tourism to new heights. However, surrogacy for foreign couples is no more allowed in India. The cost of surrogacy in India is way lower than many other countries of the world. As Indian married couples suffering from severe infertility can opt surrogacy so they need not go elsewhere.

The quality of infertility treatment in India is at its best courtesy advanced education system and modern infrastructure. Moreover, experience and expertise of doctors are among the best in the world for assisted reproduction.

Surrogacy is a long process and its cost remains a single major point of discussion while making the final call. International Fertility Centre is one such fertility clinic in India offering best in class surrogacy services at most affordable prices.

Why International Fertility Centre is the best choice for your Surrogacy process?

International Fertility Centre is one of the most reputed surrogacy clinic in Delhi operating at over 10 locations. Following are some of the highpoints of undergoing surrogacy process at International Fertility Centre:

  • Highly affordable surrogacy services
  • State of the Art Infrastructure
  • Over 4000 surrogate babies delivered till date
  • Experienced Medical Staff
  • Select surrogates through Extensive research and Exhaustive screening

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