Ask Dr. Rita Bakshi

Ask Dr. Rita Bakshi

Question: I am 25-years-old-woman, and have been diagnosed with PCOS? What I need to do to improve my chances of conceiving?

Answer: Polycystic ovary syndrome, commonly known as PCOS, is a set of symptoms due to a common hormone imbalance which affects 1 out of 15 women. Treatment options also vary depending upon the causes. For achieving pregnancy, successful ovulation is considered the first step. I have seen cases from the majority of women with polycystic ovarian syndrome and was able to have a baby with fertility treatment such as IVF if they are under 40 years of age and have had their IVF performed at a high quality clinic.

Question: I will not be able to conceive as my egg-quality is poor? How IVF with donor eggs help conceiving?

Answer: With in-vitro fertilization becoming practically a successful option for assisted pregnancies in the city, the demand for healthy donor eggs is on the rise. I have seen a number of patients requesting for egg donation by which the infertile can undergo assisted conception. Even young women are suffering from a poor ovarian reserve and require egg donation, so egg donation is a useful and effective option for women that boost their chances of conception through IVF. The IVF treatment is coordinated to synchronise the recipient and donor cycles. This allows the eggs to be collected from the donor and transferred to the recipient at the best possible time. The success rate in IVF with using donor eggs is over 40 percent.

Question: Is it possible to do IVF without removing myoma?

Answer: A uterine myoma is a benign growth of smooth muscle in the wall of the uterus. Myoma usually grows during pregnancy when the body is producing extra estrogen. It does not affect pregnancy all the time. We suggest you to remove the myoma and then prepare for the in vitro fertilization.

Question: After going through series of tests, my case has come under unexplained infertility, what diagnostic tests do you recommend? What are my treatment options for pregnancy?

Answer: Fortunately there has been a significant improvement in the pregnancy rates in couples with unexplained infertility. The standard infertility work-up for the female consists of a medical history, a physical examination, a test of blood hormone levels, an x-ray of the uterus and fallopian tubes and a semen analysis for the male partner. Usually if all your reports are normal, we will first try an IUI. A lot of patients succeed with IUI only. But if your tubes are blocked, IVF is the best option. It is also the most commonly increasingly utilized treatment if your case comes under unexplained infertility. Pregnancy rates for this complex procedure are improving nationally and it appears effective for the treatment of unexplained infertility.

Question: Do we have to be extra careful during IVF treatment particularly after the transfer of embryo to ensure its implantation?

Answer: Being a patient undergoing IVF treatment, there is actually nothing you can do – medically nor practically – after the transfer of the embryo to aid its implantation. After the embryo transfer, some patients take bed rest and believe they can have a positive influence on the chances of success of the treatment. However, there is no indication that this would lead to an increased chance of pregnancy. It also makes no sense at all to feel guilty if the implantation doesn’t occur: your behaviour certainly has nothing to do with it.

Question: Can fibroids interfere with IVF?

Answer: Fibroids are benign growths of the muscle of the uterus. There are different types of fibroids and most of them do not affect your fertility. If it is located inside the uterus and larger than 5cm in diameter, then there are high chances it will hamper with your chances of getting pregnant since the embryo will fail to implant. Hence I would recommend removing the fibroid in such cases before attempting an IVF.

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