Baby’s Umbilical Cord Connection

Baby’s Umbilical Cord Connection

For the pregnant woman, seventh week is considered as one of the most significant weeks in pregnancy, when the umbilical cord is formed and an amazing connection between mother and child is created.

An Umbilical cord is composed of a single vein and double arteries, encapsulated in a sticky substance covered by amnion. It is not only responsible for carrying oxygen and nutrients to the baby, but also accountable for bringing out the de- generated blood from the baby’s bloodstream to the placenta.

But this important source of life becomes needless after baby’s birth. And we put a clamp few centimeters away from the navel, and cut off the rest part of the umbilical cord.

This clamped umbilical cord is very sensitive and prone to infections. It is very important to keep a regular watch on it, so that it could heal naturally.

Tips to follow after the umbilical cord get clamped.

1. Cord stump should be kept clean – Use clean cloth and plain water to clean the stickiness and dirt on the cord stump. Then dry it with the help of clean cotton cloth gently, so that there should not be any moisture. Soap and other irritants to skin like alcohols, should be avoided.

2. Cord stump should be kept exposed to the air – Diapers should not fall over the stump. Baby should be dressed in such a way, that the cord area should remain exposed to get required air so to dry cord stump quickly.

3. Sponge bath should be a better option – In these precautious days, it would help the stump to shrivel quickly. Avoid baby sink or tub bath.

4. Diapers should be changed with little more care – Avoid a leakage around the navel area while changing diapers. Loose fitting clothes would be a better alternative to allow proper blood flow.

5. Don’t try to remove cord stump – Umbilical cord stump will fall off naturally, one should not try to pull out or else it will start bleeding.

Usually healing process of stump takes 5 to 15 days. It would be better to inform a doctor, if the umbilical cord takes more than 4 weeks to dry.

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