Can i think of getting Pregnant in early 30s?

Can i think of getting Pregnant in early 30s?

You must have heard people saying to get pregnant in your 20s or trying to becoming in 30s is not good. Well, a lot of factors are responsible while you plan to have a baby in your 30s. Family responsibilities and growing career are some of the factors that might fetch second thoughts. However, it is always better to plan for pregnancy in early 30s because it may become a challenge for you thereafter.

Through this post, we would like to share a few points on why pregnancy in your 30s is worth it.

  • In your 30s, you are on the verge on having a settled career.
  • You are more financially stable.
  • You can make more well-planned decisions.
  • You are more emotionally prepared.
  • Women in their 30s still have a lot of stamina and resilience, and many other qualities needed for parenting young children.
  • Couples who wish to have a baby in 30’s or later have more secure relationships and also, become wise parents.
  • Sometimes, the sudden body changes seen during pregnancy causes postpartum depression in women in their 20s. However, women in their 30s are better able to cope up with these challenges.

Closing Thoughts

Pregnancy is every couple’s dream, which needs to be dealt with maturity. Couples in their early 30s should soon plan to build their families before it’s too late. There are cons to it as well. Women who cross the threshold of 35, may experience pregnancy complications like indication of chromosomal abnormalities in your baby or low lying placenta. However, if proper care is taken through regular follow-ups with your doctor and regular scans and tests, you can surely have a safe and healthy pregnancy.

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