Could Sunshine Improve Your Chance of IVF Success

Could Sunshine Improve Your Chance of IVF Success

According to a new study sunshine could increase the chances of becoming pregnant by more than a third. You may know that vitamin D is essential for healthy bones, and we get most of our vitamin D from exposure to sunlight. The new study claims that higher temperatures, lack of rain and sunshine improved the results of fertility treatment, with sunny weather increasing the odds of IVF success by 35 per cent.

It has been also observed sunshine a month before conception is likely to help a woman’s eggs mature by altering levels of melatonin, the hormone involved in regulating a woman’s reproductive cycle. Thus we are now aware of the significance of the vitamin D in pregnancy and how it supports the baby’s development. But now, a lot of research is going on to confirm its contribution to positive IVF treatment outcomes as well.

Is there an importance of Vitamin D in pregnancy?

Vitamin D has many benefits and is essential to maintain proper levels of calcium in the body. For pregnant women, it helps in the baby’s developments, particularly in forming the baby’s bones and teeth. The deficiency of vitamin D during pregnancy can cause complications such as gestational diabetes. This is why some clinics ask for a simple vitamin D blood test for women who are trying to conceive or in the early stages of pregnancy.

Could Vitamin D also contribute to IVF success?

As far as the role of vitamin D in fertility is concerned, it is less certain, claims, an Italian study which found that women undergoing IVF treatment with sufficient levels of vitamin D were more likely to produce high quality embryos, and nearly twice as likely to become pregnant. Another study also claimed birth rate improved for women exposed to more sunshine before the start of their IVF cycle, while the egg was maturing. However, more research and studies need to be done to confirm the established link between vitamin D and the outcome of IVF success rates. For the men, a link between vitamin D and sperm movement and function has also been identified.

Explore the natural sources of Vitamin D

Since, we told you the best sources of vitamin D come from natural sunlight; however you have to get it in moderation as there is a caution to avoid the risk of skin cancer. The flesh of fatty fish and fish liver oils, eggs and some milk products are among the best sources of Vitamin D.

Thus the importance of vitamin D and its link to IVF outcomes as we gather it from the studies certainly gives couples to think about, but at the same time don’t overlook the well-established facts that increase your chanceof getting pregnant with IVF treatment.

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