Why you should avoid excessive sugar consumption during pregnancy?

Why you should avoid excessive sugar consumption during pregnancy?

From the last three decades, Dr. Rita Bakshi has been covering all the important topics related to fertility, infertility, and pregnancy. This time she talks about the relation of excessive sugar with asthma on DNA India and ANI News.

With reference to the original content published on the websites, the time period of pregnancy is one of the most joyful moments for any woman. It is the process which welcomes a new life in the world and gives a whole new world to the woman who undergoes through it. Though, there are various things that need to be taken into concern for welcoming a healthy and productive baby. One of the most important things to consider is the diet form of the mother.

During pregnancy, it is usually seen that the mother craves special things as soul food and ends up eating junk food and other unhealthy items. But not everything that we want is good for our health. She should and need to follow an ideal diet form for her and betterment of the baby. There are already numerous of delightful items available that fulfills the demand of special cravings and are healthy at the same time.

Sugar and asthma

The consumption of sugar is the primary thing that one should look out in diet form, as it is found in several cases that high consumption of sugar enhances the chance of developing asthma in the forthcoming child. In this way, a strong link was found between free sugars, available in various processed food and beverages, and asthma.

To find the exact cause and the reason that is giving rise to this inflammatory disease, the scientists have been doing research from the last century. But, it has been a suspense till recently only and has been found that it occurs due to the changes happen in the diet. Especially, because of those food items that consist of high amount of sugar content. The thing that triggers an immune response is considered the high amount of fructose. In the developing lungs of the coming baby, it is destined to cause an inflammation.

The sugar, which breaks down into glucose at last, has potential to become fuel for the cells. Though, the cells absorb a limited amount of glucose at once and the unused or extra glucose is used in the formation of cross-links through linking up with fats and proteins. With the passing time, the link in between sugar and protein becomes permanent. The permanent link that forms is called advanced glycation end product or AGE.

Dr. Rita Bakshi, the chairperson of International Fertility Centre, informs that the final link formed (AGE) provides harm to the embryos as well as the health of adults. According to her, this permanent cross-link is more likely to block hormone receptors, interfere with the immune functions, and disfigure the red blood cells. Also, the gene expression may alter and the blood vessels may stiffen through which the blood flow might get affected. Hence, the damage it will provide is clear from these results.

Source: DNA India

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