Get better shot at Pregnancy with ICSI

Get better shot at Pregnancy with ICSI

According to All India Institute of Medical Sciences, 12- 18 million couples are diagnosed with infertility in India. Where an average Indian male’s sperm count used to be 60 million per milliliter, it has dropped down to 20 million per milliliter in the last 15 years. In every 100 couples, 40% males are suffering from infertility and it can be due to various reasons. Whenever you suffer from infertility, the first procedure your Doctor tells you to undertake is in-vitro fertilization. It is high time that you take a good long look at ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection). In International Fertility Centre, ICSI is done under the vigilance of our expert team of embryologists.

What is ICSI?

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection is a technique in which a soft needle is made to pick up sperms from your scrotum. The same needle is used to insert in the egg through its outside covering. This whole process is done under controlled environment i.e., outside body. Once the needle enters the cytoplasm of the egg, it is immediately withdrawn. The eggs are checked next day if the fertilization occurred or not.

ICSI is mainly used for the males who have the following medical reasons:

  • Abnormal Morphology of Sperms
  • Zero or no Motility
  • Number of sperms very low, sometimes zero
  • Blockage in Vas- Deferens or irreversible vasectomy
  • Having erectile and ejaculation problems.

Benefits of ICSI and high success rates with International Fertility Centre:

According to American Society of Reproductive Medicine, 50-80% eggs get fertilized in ICSI as compared to IVF so the success rates of pregnancy increase by 3 folds. International Fertility Centre has inverted microscopes experts who are mandatory to take up the procedure of ICSI. Inverted Microscopes allows the doctors to retrieve good quality sperms which are then made to fertilize. The only cutting edge difference between IVF and ICSI is the sperm injection which increases the chances of fertilization. Those days are behind us when women were the only ones to be blamed. Now, due to education and awareness, everyone knows that it can be any one of the two. In International Fertility Centre, ICSI success rates are more than 45% which are one of the highest. ICSI is highly effective with people who have the case of unexplained infertility. Also, ICSI offers you to have your own biological baby which your nurture in your uterus even when your partner is infertile. The research also shows that birth defects occur differently in the kids born from IVF or ICSI.

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