How Egg Freezing Enable Women to Experience the Joy of Motherhood?

How Egg Freezing Enable Women to Experience the Joy of Motherhood?

Medical advancements are at its peak and they are offering new ways to infertile couples to combat fertility issues. The advent of assisted reproductive technologies is revolutionary in itself, as it has enabled one to achieve the joy of parenthood. Egg freezing has changed the scenario by supporting women to experience the journey towards motherhood when their chances were less for the same.

What is Egg Freezing?

Egg freezing or mature oocyte cryopreservation is a method to preserve reproductive potential in women. The process involves harvesting of eggs from the ovaries, freezing, and storing for later use. This frozen egg can be thawed and fused with the sperm for fertilization and the resultant embryo is then implanted in the uterus of the intended mother.

Egg freezing is a good option for women who are not ready for pregnancy but want to have a child in future without any complication due to their advanced age. There are other conditions when one has to undergo egg freezing.

In what conditions women consider Egg Freezing?

  • If a woman is about to undergo cancer treatment.
  • If they are suffering from any sort of ailment that may affect their fertility.
  • In case a woman is undergoing IVF treatment and her partner is unable to produce the semen sample on the day of egg retrieval.
  • If women wants to preserve their eggs for later use in future due to their career choices or any other reason.

Steps included in Eegg Freezing:

  • Ovaries are stimulated to produce more than one egg.
  • Egg retrieval is done under sedation. During this procedure an ultrasound probe is inserted into the vagina and eggs are collected through the oocyte retrieval procedure.
  • After the unfertilized eggs are retrieved, they are frozen using special media& techniques so that they can be used for future.

International Fertility Centre also provides egg freezing along with other fertility treatments for women who wants to delay their pregnancy due to medical issues or due to any other condition. It is advisable to women to freeze their eggs when they are in their most fertile years so that they can have better chances for a successful pregnancy.