How Obesity affects chances of having a successful Conception?

How Obesity affects chances of having a successful Conception?

How Obesity affects your chances of having a successful natural conception?

In October, World Obesity Day is observed since obesity is on a rise, especially among youth in India. There are various cases where couples are diagnosed with fertility issues caused to obesity at a later stage. Obesity has been a significant factor of increasing prevalence of conditions like cholesterol problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, breathing problems and lowered fertility potential in both male and female.

More than 20 per cent of infertility patients are either overweight or obese.

Here are a few points highlighting the impact of obesity on fertility in men and women.

Women having PCOS should follow a healthy diet to control their body weight since excessive weight gain and abnormal growth of hair and acne on face are major PCOS symptoms. In this case, women who lose weight will start experiencing gradual ovulation and can become pregnant naturally.

Obesity is usually determined by estimating the Body Mass Index (BMI) of a person. The BMI can be calculated by the average ratio of one’s height and weight. Higher the BMI, higher will be the chances of being obese. Obese men who undergo various tests at a fertility clinic in India are diagnosed with conditions of low sperm count, low levels of testosterone, reduced libido, physical constraints, uncontrolled diabetes to name a few which directly impact the quality of semen.

Infertility is considered as a preconceived notion attached to women in the society, but obesity has broken this stereotype with the growing occurrence of fertility issues in obese males. Now a days, obesity has become a characteristic among people, especially in urban areas.

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