How Ovulation Improve My Chances to Conceive?

How Ovulation Improve My Chances to Conceive?

Know your most fertile period

If you are planning to have a baby, you need to have better understanding of your most fertile period i.e when are you ovulating. Ovulation is a part of woman’s menstrual cycle where her ovaries release a certain amount of eggs, which travel towards the fallopian tube and wait for the sperm to reach the egg and cause fertilization.

Ovulation occurs every month and if you are planning for pregnancy and avoiding unexpected pregnancy, you should have a detailed understanding of how ovulation works and when it happens. Women who are anxious to conceive shall maintain relations with their partner around their ovulation days. If you do now want an unwanted pregnancy, use contraception if you are having intercourse with your partner while ovulating so that the sperm is unable to reach the egg.

How to calculate my ovulation date?

You can also determine your ovulation days in the following ways:

  • When you ovulate, you may observe increased white-colored cervical mucus discharge.
  • Watch out for pain in the lower abdomen.
  • Test your body temperature regularly. If your body temperature is rising, you are likely to ovulate soon.
  • Use an ovulation calendar to keep a check on your menstrual cycles.
  • Take help of an ovulation kit easily available in the market

Closing Thoughts

Knowing about your fertile period eases out the stress of trying to get pregnant as you know exactly on which days to try. It also helps in preventing unplanned pregnancies. For 100% accurate ovulation confirmation, you can buy an ovulation or LH (luteinizing hormone) kit that is widely accessible to you.

If you are not able to conceive even if you are trying for pregnancy in your fertile period, it is advised to visit an infertility specialist and get yourself and your partner evaluated for infertility well in time. This will help in early detection of infertility symptoms and timely management. Infertility treatments in India like IVF, IUI, ICSI and surrogacy have helped thousands of couples overcome infertility and have a baby.

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