Why ICSI is Gaining Popularity in India?

Why ICSI is Gaining Popularity in India?

Impact of Fertility Rates on India

In India, the ideal total fertility rate (TFR) targeted by the government is 2.1%. But there are 23 districts (11 in UP, 8 in Bihar, 2 in Rajasthan, 2 in MP); the total fertility has crossed higher than 4%. On the other hand, in 7 states covering 123 districts, TFR stands between 3-3.9 percent. This data was revealed by Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare (Mr. JP Nadda) when he was addressing a national workshop on ‘Jimmedari Nibhao, Plan Banao’ on the occasion of World Population Day.

Recently, International Institute of Population Sciences, revealed its data on infertility revealing facts that, infertility has affected 60-80 million global couples and 15-20 millions Indians. Without counting any net migration and unaffected mortality, 2.1 children/woman fertility rates determines a stable population in a country.

Defining Male and Female Infertility with its Effective Treatment Method

Case of infertility can be defined as a state when the couple fails to conceive a baby after one year or longer unprotected sex. Infertility is a broad term which is separately classified as male and female infertility.

A Woman is said to be Infertile when she is:

  • Unable to attain pregnancy
  • Unable to maintain pregnancy
  • Unable to carry pregnancy to a live birth

A Man can be said to be Infertile when he is:

  • Unable to produce sufficient sperm
  • Unable to attain erection during copulation
  • Unable to ejaculate required sperm

According to IVF expert, Dr. Rita Bakshi, IUI (intrauterine insemination), IVF (in vitro fertilization) & ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection of eggs) are the most effective treatment for growing male/female infertility among Indians. IVF treatment in India has become very affordable which is seeking attentions of not only Indians infertile couples but foreigners too.

ICSI as a first choice for male fertility

ICSI or intracytoplasmic sperm injection is a process to conceive where sperm are injected directly into the eggs of mother. On the priority it is done in case of male infertility. ICSI requires inverted microscopes expert which allows embryologists to select and retrieve washed high quality sperm through special ICSI needle. You should know that, sperm injection is the only major distinction between ICSI and IVF procedure.Gone are the days when male dominant orthodox society used to blame only female for infertility cases. Due to economical cost of IVF in Delhi and rise in education level and lifestyle men too are undergoing semen analysis in modern society. It’s not time to blame but to find out the exact reason of infertility. Remember infertility is curable but if properly diagnosed.

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