IVF with Donor Eggs: Increase your chances of Conception

IVF with Donor Eggs: Increase your chances of Conception

A woman’s reproductive abilities are directly associated with the eggs she produces. A woman is born witha lifetime supply of immature eggs, which will be produced by her during the ovulation cycles throughout her life until she reaches menopause. The number of eggs keeps on decreasing with age.

Age is something you can’t control and so is fertility. With increasing age quality and quantity of eggs starts decreasing and goes drastically low after the age of 40. Fertility is at its peak in early and mid twenties. IVF treatment procedures can help infertile couples to achieve parenthood but when the quality or quantity of eggs in the female partner is not adequate then it affects the success rate of IVF cycle.

The concept of late marriage and late family planning put today’s women at a risk of failed conceptions. Substandard quality and limited quantity of eggs not only create problems in natural conception but may also cause IVF failures. Poor quality eggs result in the formation of poor quality embryos, which in turn may lead to, failed implantation or a miscarriage.

Consider IVF with Donor Egg

Egg donation is the most suitable treatment option for women who are unable to conceive with their own eggs because of decreasing ovarian reserve. In such cases egg donation plays an important role as only high quality eggs are selected which can form healthier embryos. It has helped many women to overcome infertility and conceive successfully.

Why Choose International Fertility Centre for a Donor egg IVF cycle?
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  • Offers highest pregnancy rates in IVF with egg donation
  • Experienced and qualified IVF experts who ensure a smooth process with best results
  • Affordable treatment plans

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