Male Too is Equally Responsible For Infertility

Male Too is Equally Responsible For Infertility

Generally people target woman for not being able to reproduce, or for being infertile. But very few know that males too are equally responsible for infertility. This is now a medically proven fact. And it’s high time that everyone should get aware of it.

Male Infertility

Male infertility is an inability of a man to reproduce. Infertility in male depends upon the quantity and quality of sperms. If man ejaculates small number of sperm, or the quality of sperm is poor, he can’t cause pregnancy.

Symptoms of male infertility:

Generally, infertility has no obvious sign and symptoms. Intercourse, ejaculation and erections happen without any difficulty. Sperm count and sperm quality also appear normal. A proper medical test is required to find out the male infertility.

Some causes of male infertility:

  • A hypothalamic or pituitary disorder
  • Gonad disorder
  • Sperm transport disorder
  • Unknown causes
  • Sperm abnormality

Sperm count lack due to various factors:

  • Genetic condition
  • Consumption of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs
  • Severe infection in mumps after puberty
  • Hormonal disorder
  • Hernia
  • Poisonous chemical exposure
  • Radiation exposure
  • Blockage caused due to previous infection
  • Wearing tight and restrictive underwear
  • Groin injury
  • Ejaculation problem can also cause infertility, When sperm ejaculated prematurely and also due to erection dysfunctions

How is male infertility diagnosed?

  • Semen analysis
  • Blood test
  • Making a culture of fluid from the penis
  • Physical examination of the penis, prostate and scrotum

Through the above analysis, your health care provider checks some specific markers to access in fertility, such as:

  • Total amount of semen
  • Sperm count
  • Morphology
  • Motility

How can we treat male infertility?

  • To treat male infertility artificial insemination is also done if sperm count is low.
  • In vitro fertilization is also one option to overcome male infertility factors.

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