Most Common Contractions Observed in Pregnancy

Most Common Contractions Observed in Pregnancy

Are you in the final phase of your pregnancy? If yes then your D-Day is not far! Your baby is about to arrive. Delivering a baby if one of the priceless moments of every woman.

While you sit back and prepare for the big day, you might have questions popping in your mind about the actual birth and how does it happen. You might have issues related to the common labor pains experienced by women. Below are a few things that will fetch you better understanding of the contractions during labor and make labor delivery easier for you. Before we talk about contractions, we would like to tell you why this happens.

As you proceed towards your due date, your body produces Prostaglandin and Oxytocin hormones, which are responsible for the onset of labor.

Symptoms of contractions:

  • In the initial stage, you may observe mild menstrual cramps or backache.
  • This pain extends towards lower back area and moves to the lower abdomen and thighs.
  • However, the above symptoms vary from woman to woman.

Types of Contractions:

1. Practice Contractions

Some women experience tightening in the abdomen that comes and goes. Such contractions are called Braxton-Hicks contraction. It can occur at any time during of pregnancy and may occur as early as 6 weeks of gestation.

2. False Contractions

These contractions happen well-in advance or right before actual contractions. This is a process where your body prepares itself for labor. These contractions disappear with changes in your body’s movement. These contractions also differ in women in terms of occurrence.

3. Actual Contractions

These contractions indicate the beginning of labor and occurs intermittently. These cause a great amount of pain and the pain is sporadic and it occurs with contractions. As time passes, the contraction increases in severity and time. Each contractions last about 50 secends and 3-4 contractions happen in every 10 minutes. If you observe pain in lower abdomen or lower back area coupled with a red coloured discharge with mucus, you can expect labor soon.

Closing Thoughts

Actual contractions normally occur anytime post 37th week of your pregnancy. Once they occur, you should immediately rush to the hospital without any delay. Once you reach the hospital, your will be accommodated in the labor room and arrangements will be made to begin your labor based on the severity of pain caused by the contractions. You will be kept in constant monitoring until the time of labor comes for a safe and smooth delivery of your bab

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