PCOS treatment for optimal health in women

PCOS treatment for optimal health in women

Are you a new name in the list of PCOS victims? Tired of waiting for your periods to turn normal? Worried about your sudden weight gain? Are you trying every possible way to lose that extra kgs of weight due to PCOS?

What exactly is PCOS?

PCOS is a condition where a woman’s reproductive hormones – estrogen, progesterone, luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) become imbalanced. The end result of such a hormonal imbalance is formation of multiple small-sized cysts in ovaries. This is why; it is called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). It often interferes with the woman’s menstrual cycle, making it irregular.

Irregular periods, unexpected weight gain, sleep issues, fatigue, excessive hair growth on face, pimples and acnes spreading over your face, increase in blood sugar levels, high insulin resistance and difficulty in conceiving are usually observed symptoms of this nightmare. However, the good part is that these ill-effects of PCOS can be reversed keeping in mind a few things that are a part of PCOS treatment.

PCOS treatment at IFC

International Fertility Centre is a leading fertility clinic in India that provides best fertility treatments for you. At our clinic, the treatment of PCOS for women is tailored depending upon the severity of hormonal imbalance at the time of diagnosis.

  • For married women trying for a baby, they are treated with hormonal pills to promote regular menstruation and timely ovulation. This will help them have improved chances of becoming pregnant naturally. However, infertile married women undergoing IVF treatment at our clinic are also kept on fertility medication course as a part of PCOS treatment. In this case, medications will be given suited to the requirements of the success.
  • Dr Rita Bakshi, a senior fertility specialist at IFC, may prescribe insulin sensitizers to bring your insulin levels in control, which is one of the vital factors behind occurrence of PCOS.
  • The foremost aspect of PCOS is to regularize your menstrual cycle, which is the best sign of a woman’s reproductive health. If you are having irregular periods due to PCOS then you will be given hormonal tablets to stabilize estrogen and progesterone levels. This will directly lead to regular menstruation and normalization of ovulation.
  • Another important aspect of PCOS is to reduce at least 5% of body weight through healthy eating and daily exercise, which will significantly help in regularizing your periods. This will aid in improving your fertility potential to have a successful conception.

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