What Precaution to be taken Pre and Post Pregnancy?

What Precaution to be taken Pre and Post Pregnancy?

Pre and post Pregnancy is a phase of great care as females have to nurture her baby. For this reason diet of pregnant ladies should be highly nutritious not during pregnancy only, but after the phase of pregnancy as well.

Doctors advise at IFC on Pre and Post Pregnancy

Inhibit Smoking: Do you know, smoking before pregnancy increases the possibility of misconception by approximately 30%. During pregnancy, smoking is restrictly prohibited as it increases the possibility of a premature birth by 30%.

Monitoring on what to eat: During pregnancy don’t focus on foods which give satiety only but include such foods which are rich sources of vital nutrients. High calorie, high protein, iron and calcium rich diet should be consumed for the physical and mental development of a baby.

Less caffeine: Tea, coffee, and cold drinks are some of the beverages advised to be avoided during pre and post pregnancy. Intake of tea, coffee should be minimized as it is rich in caffeine which can harm the mother as well as the baby. Females can substitute tea, coffee by fruit juice, milk etc. Plain water can also be increased as it hydrates the body and also helps in bowel movement.

Avoid excess medication: Headache, vomiting, lethargy, body cramps are some of the symptoms of pregnancy. To minimize the pain and symptoms females generally consume painkillers and antibiotics without consultation of doctors which can be fatal, so it is advised to avoid or minimize the medicines. Doctor’s prescription and consultation is required before the intake of medicines.

Avoid Stress: Stress is the part and parcel of our life and it can’t be avoided completely but can be minimized. During pregnancy it is most important to keep the stress at bay. Be cheerful and happy as it secretes the hormones, which keep you healthy and calm.

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