Psychological Changes in Pregnant Women

Psychological Changes in Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is considered as a phase wherein women appear to be bright and glowing all the time but it is not just joy but also a period of emotional and psychological turmoil affecting her mental and physical well-being. A woman responds to frequent rise and drop in hormonal levels differently during pregnancy. A pregnant woman may experience lot of mood swings, other may have sleeping issues and some may have headaches more often. Hence, the journey of becoming a mother is unique for every woman. Below is a quick insight of the common psychological issues, a woman may face during pregnancy.

Initial changes in the ‘Mother-to-be’

During pregnancy, a woman’s emotional state undergoes various changes and plays a vital role in pregnancy. As the hormonal fluctuations are on a rise, high stress levels cannot be ignored. It may also cause feelings of nausea or vomiting, causing huge discomfort.

During this time, it is vital for women to think positively by following stress relaxation practices to keep their hormonal levels in control.

Psychological changes in the 1st trimester

You might feel many changes physically, socially and mentally. Mood swings are quite common in the initial weeks of pregnancy and first trimester. As your body prepares itself for pregnancy, your hormones levels begin to stabilize by the second trimester. Also, there are many external factors responsible for causing mood swings such as support from family and friends and the environment you are staying in.

Psychological changes in the 2nd trimester

Once you cross your first trimester, pregnant women become familiar to pregnancy changes and they feel more at ease. The mood swings and hormonal changes observed in the first trimester begin to fade away. Mostly in the second pregnancy trimester, a woman can notice growing fetus movement. During this period, it is always better to get regular scans and ultrasounds to track your fetal growth.

Psychological changes in the 3rd trimester

The unwanted nauseatic feelings, mood swings and physical discomfort almost disappear by the third trimester. You may be feel more tired and exhausted during the day as your fetus has grown big in size, causing pain in your back, thighs or legs. Hence, it is recommended to take proper rest to stay relaxed during the day.

Pregnancy is a roller coaster of emotions and to sail through this nine months journey, every woman should be given utmost care and emotional support. Also, she needs to stay positive and strong. I hope you got better understanding of psychological issues as a part of pregnancy. Happy motherhood!

Closing thoughts.

It is normal to have emotional/physical stress but these symptoms are nothing to fear about and go away with time. If you are going through a tough time while coping up with emotional and mental health issues, feel free to ask for help and support by visiting the Best OBS & Gynecologist clinic in India.

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