We had tried a lot to become parents. We had babies staying with us for adoption but they went back home and then we thought of surrogacy & started doing search. The funny story is that a person who is working in Gym with me told me about surrogacy. He explained me everything about surrogacy & informed us about Indian Clinics for Surrogacy. We opted for Surrogacy Abroad-U.S based Agency who works with IFC and thus choose IFC. They explained the whole contract to us. A friend of mine who is from Bangalore visited Dr. Rita and explained everything carefully in details, which was very helpful to us. I had gained lot of knowledge through net searching, knew everything about sperm quality and was very educated on that. I visited India last November (2012) and met Dr. Rita in the Clinic. She did everything possible to make me at ease. The Clinic had satisfied Lab up to par. Our preconceived thoughts were about surrogate’s health. Choosing IFC was little bit challenge for us due to time difference and was scared also as didn’t knew anything about India. They skyped / emailed us. The response was spontaneous. But couple of time felt little lost also regarding the scans/ reports as were waiting back in U.S. We were very anxious when the baby was actually born, got the information from Surrogacy Abroad-got the email 7am in the morning.

Words can’t describe the emotions. We have waited for 10 long years for this joy- definitely blessing from God. Life is very sleepy-very amazing feel responsible for babies. The Nanny is helping and teaching us daily chore work. We have two beautiful girls-Victoria Elizabeth and Sophiya Elizabeth.

Our daughters came at 31 weeks and doing well and are now about 1 month old. Though they had rough start and were in the hospital for about 30 days and were taken good care until we arrive. We are currently awaiting our exit process and are anxious to go home, however we are going to miss the people we have met here.

Dr Rita is very responsible, caring and knowledgeable. She took good care of surrogate. We had lovely experience with Dr. Rita. We will always be very thankful to her for our precious gift. Words will be small thing for what she has done for us.

The advice we would like to give to people like us is be patience, more relaxed compared to us. American facilities are definitely a par compared to India. The only problem for U.S is communication problem that too timing problem. They have satisfied Lab; would feel comfortable in telling to others about it when go back home.


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